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Hi, I’m Dr. Jonathan Sirota,
Since 1990 I have been a Certified independent Chiropractic Sports Physician. I’m different than any Chiropractor you may have used.Over the years, I have improved and developed my own specific techniques now used in the field widely. I am a gifted and highly experienced Chiropractor. One visit with me and you will fully understand and agree. I focus on fixing your problem, not seeing you come to me forever with the same issues. In as little as 3 office visits most patients are amazed at how much improvement they’ve received. I genuinely love and am extremely passionate about finding out the real underlying cause of what’s wrong with you, and then implementing a fix. Results that are almost immediate are what make me very excited and you will be too. Maintenance care is also offered for those who are in great condition, athletes, and those who take care of themselves routinely. I look forward to meeting you soon! We have 2 locations at 600 N. Broadway, White Plains NY & 82 Archer Lane, Stamford, CT. Call/Text me directly on 917-763-4141 anytime.


White Plains Top Chiropractor - auto accident chiropractic treatment.

White Plains Chiropractor | Best Chiropractic Westchester County NY. Dr. Jonathan Sirota is a Top Chiropractor in White Plains NY. Call or text him for chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, sports, work injuries, accident injuries, no-fault car accident injuries, claims & more. Chiropractic offices in White Plains NY & Stamford CT. Dr Sirota. Get the Best Chiropractic Physician with over 30 years of experience will get rid of your pain for good.

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