Auto accident anyone?

3-Questions you probably WILL ASK.

  3-Questions you SHOULD ask me………

Dr. Jonathan A. Sirota
“If I can help you, I will tell you. If I can’t help you, I will tell you that too.”


 It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile…but only 1-nut to scatter it all over the road.”

3- Questions you will ask me:

Do I need a police report? 

Yes you need a police report. If the police haven’t already written one at the accident scene, you must go to the precinct and fill out an MV-104 for a N.Y. accident, and if it happened in CT. than,

The Connecticut State Police Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection provides access to two different types of accident reports. To start, you can obtain a preliminary copy of the Accident information summary. This can be obtained for free. To get it you will simply need to input some basic information regarding your crash. To be clear, this is not the official accident report. However, it can be useful for informational purposes, most notably to make sure that the state actually has your accident report on file.

To get your official accident report from Connecticut State Police, you can request a hard copy by mailing in form DPS-96-C “Request for Copy of Report”. There is a $17 fee that must be paid to get a certified report.

Should I go to the hospital?

Not necessarily. Obviously, if you are not sure to go to the hospital, it’s a good idea to go anyway and stay on the safe side. However, if you are confident that you are just banged up a bit and have no other health conditions that could escalate due to the stress/trauma, then you may not need to go. As a rule of thumb, if and when the ambulance arrives at the scene of your accident, it’s usually a good idea to agree to go along with them to the E.R. and get checked out. There are many reasons for doing this and your health is only one of them. For more information, please contact us to discuss your particular situation or case today.

What will happen, who will pay for/fix my car?

N.Y. is a “no-fault” state. This means that as far as your medical treatments are concerned, you will be covered if you have injuries sustained from this accident. This is true whether or not the accident is your fault or not. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it is, you will be eligible for medical coverage through N.Y. No Fault protection. An application for medical benefits must be filed within 30 days of the accident by either you or us or another treatment center. Now, what about that gorgeous BMW that is totaled?

If the accident was caused by someone else, your insurance company may elect to first pay for your damaged vehicle and get reimbursed by the other “guy/gal’s” insurance. This is called Subrogation. Your insurance pays upfront to make you happy, and then goes after the other guy’s insurance because its their fault. So “fault” only pertains to the vehicle, as to who pays the damage. It is possible that the “fault” is split, or divided accordingly and that is up to the two insurance companies to work that one out.

Now in Connecticut, it’s another game. CT. is not a “no fault” state as far as automobile accident. You should contact us for further help in this regard, as we also treat auto accident victims in our Stamford CT. Chiropractic office.

3-Questions you SHOULD ask…

Do you accept No-fault insurance?

Answer: Yes. For nearly 30 years the offices of Dr. Jonathan A. Sirota Chiropractor have been accepting new no fault patients and helping them navigate the world of auto accident cases and treatment. Yes, you should have an attorney who handles no fault cases as well. If you need a referral, please contact us immediately following your auto accident.

Are you experienced in all aspects of No-Fault cases?

Yes, I am and we are! No fault is our specialty. it’s a unique area of practice where there are time constraints that must be adhered to for you to successfully obtain medical and Chiropractic treatment and have paid for by your auto insurance company. In some cases, in N.Y. and in CT. your health insurance will come into play for the treatment or you auto injury as well. Usually however, there is no out of pocket expenses for you or anyone injured like a passenger in your vehicle.

Do you testify in court for auto accident cases?

In a word, Yes! However, most cases settle out of court making that unnecessary.

Do you work with M.D.’s

We do. We have Orthopedic and Neurologic specialists that we refer to, and work along with in the treatment of your injuries. Usually, there are other tests that are necessary to document clearly the nature and extent of your injuries for not only medical effectiveness, but legal support in the scope of making sure your legal as well as medical entitlements are obtained.

Will YOU handle all of the paperwork?

Yes! We handle it all. You do nothing except come in for treatment and focus on healing. That’s it.

We also refer for MRI and XRay’s as necessary; CT. Scan’s, EMG’s; SSEP’s; NCV’s; Range of motion studies; etc… Every aspect of your auto accident and injuries are examined carefully and nothing is done without your expressed approval.

What if I saw another Chiropractor or doctor already, can I still come in for treatment, or just to go over my case if I have questions…?

Yes and Yes!.. If you started with someone else, and are not happy for any reason, please give us a call. We will pick up where you left off, and/or make the necessary changes that are in your best interests. Don’t wait. The worst thing is to do nothing after an accident.

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