Had An Accident? To-do List & Questions To Ask Your Chiropractor & Lawyer

  • • Did you report your accident within 24hrs?
    • Do you have a folder/file to keep all of your documents from the accident?
    • Did you take pictures of your vehicle?
    • Did you take pictures of your injuries, bruises, cuts, etc..?
    • Did you file an application for medical benefits within 30-days? (we can for you)
    • Does your Chiropractor have any experience in auto accident management? How about 30 years?
    • Did your Chiropractor ever testify for anyone in court? What was the outcome? Win, Lose, Settle?
    • Does your Chiropractor work directly with Medical Doctors?
    • Does your Chiropractor work with a Pain Management MD?, Orthopedist; Neurologist; Send for MRI’s; CT-Scans; Blood work-studies?
    • Does your Chiropractor treat TMJ (Jaw pain)
    • Does your Chiropractor answer every question you have every time?
    •Will your Chiropractor tell you to leave if your insurance company stops paying him at some point in the case?
    • How will you continue treatment once the insurance company cuts you off from medical coverage?
    • Does your doctor educate you on all of your rights as a No-Fault patient?  And during an insurance examination, what to expect?
    • Does your lawyer call you back AFTER he/she signed you up?
    • Do you have lots of unanswered legal questions?
    • Do you know your “case status”?
    • Do you fully understand the process and where you are in it?
    • Are you getting better with your current Chiropractor?
    • Do you feel assured and confident in your doctor? Had an accident?
    • Do you feel confident that your doctor knows exactly whats wrong with you?
    • Is this the first time your doctor treated an auto accident No-Fault patient?
    •Will your doctor work with other professionals to help you, like other M.D. ’s; Lawyers, Para-Legals?
    • Is your doctor tops and well respected in his/her field?
    • Does your doctor have a proven track record and 5-Star ratings and testimonials?
    • Does your doctor have two office locations and very early and late at night (often until 10-pm) office hours to accommodate you?
    • Does your doctor freely offer his/her cell phone number? And can you freely text your doctor for an appointment or any question?

When you come to Jonathan Sirota Chiropractic, I will go to
work immediately to find the root cause of your pain and provide
you with the right chiropractic treatment to ensure you are taken
care of. With the right treatment, I can help prevent any further
injury and also be the middleman between you and your
attorney, relaying information regarding the severity of your auto
injury case to your attorney myself. So you only need to ask me,
not wait for an answer from “them”

If you have recently had an auto accident you need to contact me
today. Time is of the essence.