Auto Accident Injuries Treatment: What You Should Know

I’m posting this piece to clarify some Frequently Asked Question. When your car isn’t the only thing damaged. Stuff happens, auto accidents happen too, right? So when they do and regardless of whose fault it is, many times your car’s damage is not the only thing at stake. Your body’s physical condition after an accident is imperative to your overall health and well-being. Don’t make the mistake of losing your available $50,000 in automatically available to you medical benefits, to address an underlying issue that may not immediately be apparent to you.  Right after an accident, it doesn’t always hurt. It can take time to come out, usually within 2- weeks. But remember to immediately protect your medical entitlements by filing an application for medical benefits. This application is available to you once you report your accident to your insurance company. But, you have to ask for it. You may also find it on the company website, or contact my office and we will file with you on your behalf. But it has to be done within 30 days of the accident date.

At Jonathan Sirota Chiropractic, we offer accident injury care for this very reason. But time is of the essence here.  So again whether you know you are hurt immediately or it takes a few days for weeks for the pain to set in your neck and back and body, should always be checked and cared for, especially right after an auto accident.

Adrenaline is a wonderful natural pain killer immediately following an auto accident. Shock sets in and you may not feel any pain at all. You may refuse an ambulance and just want to go home. Understandably so. But…

While your pain may not seem severe, the longer you put off getting checked for any help you may need, the more devastating your actual injury could be. In fact, from my experience more often than not, the inflammation that sets in after an auto injury is in some cases more severe and debilitating than that of the original injury.  I specialize in treating victims of auto accidents and their families. Did you know that being a passenger in a vehicle VS. the driver of a vehicle involved in an auto accident makes a huge difference to the types of injuries they suffer?

Whether you “see it coming” vs. not seeing a car ram into you from behind makes a huge difference as well. All of these details are highly important to me the treating doctor and your lawyer.

I’ve seen people get into what seemingly appears to be a minor fender bender, and end up with a herniated disc in his/her neck complete with arm pain; numbness and tingling in the arms, hands, fingers and occasionally feet and toes too. Yes, you heard me correctly, feet and toes numb because of a neck injury.

A car that sustains less damage can mean that YOU, the occupant of the car sustains MORE damage. The opposite is also true many times, where a car that is “totaled” and crushed leaves a passenger and/or driver whom simply walks out and is perfectly okay but obviously shaken.

If you have been in an automobile accident as the driver or the passenger, whether your hit from the rear at a red light or you slid into someone’s car on a patch of ice, you need to call me now.

There is much to do to make sure your health is protected. And if you haven’t read this yet… remember, you only have 30 days after your accident to claim up to $50,000 in medical treatment from your automobile insurance company such as Geico, State Farm, Allstate, etc…So, text and/or call us to find out more 917.763.4141. We can file for you to receive benefits if it is not too late.

The medical benefits are called: NO-FAULT BENEFITS- $50,000 automatically available to cover your medical needs; Hospital; Ambulance; MRI; CT-Scans; X-rays; Emergency rooms; travel for medical purposes, etc… only, covers you IF your accident occurred anywhere inside New York State. This coverage often has no deductible or a small one-time deductible.

Other than that, your medical coverage is intact and available for you or your passengers to use in the unfortunate event of an automobile accident. Question? Concerns? Contact us: 917.763.4141 Call/Text for immediate response.

For drivers who had an auto accident OUTSIDE of N.Y. State, you may be covered under “MED-PAYMENTS” portion of your automobile insurance policy. Please check your policy to see if you have “Med-pay” on it. You may wish to add this valuable insurance in the event of an auto accident in the future.

People who do not have Medical Payments on their non N.Y. State auto policies still may use their own personal health insurance i.e.: GHI; Aetna; Travelers; United Health Care; HIP; Medicare/Medicaid to cover necessary medical costs. However, deductibles and coinsurance may and will apply. may want to see us in our Stamford CT. location, your still covered if your accident happened in N.Y. (you can treat anywhere you like).

This is an automatic (N.Y. State only) medical entitlement of yours’ if your accident occurred IN N.Y.S. Your treatment may occur outside of N.Y. State, however, if the actual accident happened in any part of N.Y. State, you’ve covered automatically under N.Y.S. No-Fault Law.

However, if you delay or miss the 30-day application filing deadline, you forfeit your right to paid medical treatment under this provision of the law.

Call or Text us now! We can file today on your behalf. But we can’t do it without you. You must contact us within the 30-day time frame from your accident date. Will your car be fixed right? But how about you…? So why not make certain your body is taken care of.

Whether you have minor pain in the back of your neck or your lower back pain is making daily life impossible, my goal is to provide you with the care that you deserve, and at no out of pocket expense to you. Call or Text me now! To file an application for medical benefits. 917.763.4141

Since 1990 I have been treating auto injuries. There are certain forms that need to be filed out within a 30-day window of your date of the accident. Failure to do this time results in you losing your medical entitlements and benefits like travel expense to the doctor and back home. Expensive tests like MRI’s and X-rays, CT scans and durable medical equipment are covered as long as you filed timely. You also need a doctor who knows what to do. Well, you found him. Now it’s your move. Call or text me now so we can move on this and get you on the road to recovery.

“When it comes down to me helping you, it’s a done deal.”

Now… let’s not mince words. Your auto insurance companies rules regarding your medical coverage for injuries sustained in a motor vehicular accident are at risk of potentially losing the automatic (everybody gets) available $50,000 in No-Fault medical benefits (N.Y.S. accident locations only). Failure to file an application within 30-days to your insurance company without good reason, i.e.: Geico, State Farm, Allstate, Travelers, etc…usually means that you LOSE your $50,000 medical entitlements.

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