Auto Accident Victims, Wellness and Treatment Coverage

Whether you see it coming in your rear-view mirror or not, a first-time rear end auto collision is startling, to say the least. You were just blasted, and your neck just forcefully flexed forward and then whipped backward faster than you can say your name. And, in that fraction of a second, all of the damage is now done. Damage to your neck, that is. The car is yet another story adding to your anxiety and now the prospect of intense financial “pain” coming soon at an autobody near you. The best advice I can give you is this: Take a deep breath and be thankful that you can take that breath. Take pictures of the damage, and wait for a police officer to write up the scene on what is called a “police report.” If your accident is a hit and run, then head to the nearest police station and file an MV-104 report of a motor vehicle accident.


Next, you’re likely either in a lot of pain or feeling nothing much at all. Adrenaline is surging and masking most of your pain. Within a couple of weeks, the true damage will emerge, and you won’t feel great, to say the least. Your first stop should be a no fault doctor, chiropractor’s office to assess the physical damage.  If on the other hand, you already were taken to the hospital via ambulance where X rays were taken, that is also very good. In that case, the no fault chiropractor is now your second stop for medical treatment.

We are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of no fault accidents and no-fault injuries. Our office is aligned with highly trained attorneys to represent your financial and legal entitlements while we take care of your medical condition. We work with M.Ds and orthopedic professionals, as well as neurological doctors, and MRI-centers to professionally handle your medical concerns. The best advice we can give is, don’t wait! You only have 30 days from the accident
to request and file an “application for medical benefits” from your auto insurance company. Your auto insurance will pay for all of your medical needs irrespective
of whose “fault” it is. Then, they will assess whose responsibility it is to repair the cars.


Call or text for more information and for a completely free phone consultation in the event of an automobile accident; a.k.a. No Fault or No-fault injury. For a no fault doctor you can trust to take care of your chiropractic needs, please call (917) 763 4141 or contact Sirota Chiropractic Office today! Location in  (White Plains) Westchester NY & (Stamford) Fairfield CT.