Louise Kaminer

Dr. Sirota shows genuine concern and has a gentle, caring approach. Time is spent on both the presenting problem as well as how it impacts the rest of your quality of life. He educates as he works so you fully understand the process and road to recovery

Jeffrey Ferraro

Dr. Sirota has magic hands. He always takes extra time to understand the root of a pain issue and then recommends the appropriate course of action to remedy it. He is an incredible healer. I see Dr. Jon on a regular basis to keep my body in tune. He is an exceptional chiropractor and wellness doctor. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has pain or chronic issues. Where other chiropractors have failed, Dr.Sirota has had success

Matthew Rose

It’s satisfying to find someone you can trust these days and Jon is that and more. Friendly, knowledgeable, and understanding – Jon has been a huge help to my back pain and helping my overall health. His new facility is polished and convenient and as my first and only chiropractor, I would recommend him to all

James Martyniak

Always a pleasure. Great bedside mannor. And really cares about fixing the issue.Wouldn’t go anywhere else

Paul Broderick

I went to Dr Sirota for stiffness in my neck. After adjusting me, he gave me a new pillow to try. Not only has the pillow helped my neck, but my wife says I am not snoring any more. If my wife is happy, then I am happy. Thanks Dr Jon.

Susan Stokes

Dr Jon Is friendly and very professional. He is always very understanding and helpful.

Brooke Coveney

A great experience every time.

Jacqueline Reinhardt

I can honestly say that Dr. Sirota is simply amazing at what he does. I have been treated by him for may years and I am happy to say without any hesitation that I am virtually pain free!

Nannette Morrison

always a pleasure visiting Dr. John

James Martyniak

Absolutely wonderful as always.

Jennifer Suckra

my experiences are always good, great result all the time DR SIROTA is a great chiropractor i would surely recomemmend a frieind or relative.

Joel Savit

As professional and compassionate as you can ask for. The doctor takes pride in his work. I was treated with caring and experience. Dr. Sirota is a real gentleman and did everything in his power to relieve my pain. He also recommended supplements to decrease the pain I was having in my knees and my knees feel 100% better. I would
highly recommend to anyone I know.

Margaret Shea

I was very please with my first experience with Dr Sirota. My back was in very bad shape and I walked out feel 40% better. I plan to go back on Saturday for a tune up. But my pain is extremely relieved.

Joel Savit

I appreciate everything Dr Sirota did for me. He was very professional and related his knowledge to me in a clear and complete manner. I have already referred patients to him, although I do not know if they have called. I would not hesitate to return to the doctor when my symptoms require this.

James Martyniak

I am a dentist who experiences neck and back pain often. Right frim the start Dr. Sirota assured me the issue would be taken care of. Great personality, bedside manner and overall good guy. Very accomidating and is willing to stay for you if needed. Would recommend Dr. Sirota in a second… Dr. James Martyniak, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., F.I.C.O.I.

Donna Dietz

Dr. Jon Sirota is a very talented doctor. He cured my hiatal hernia. It is very difficult to get relief from a hiatal hernia because very few doctors know how to treat it. Prior to being treated by Dr. Sirota, I went to several top MDs for the terrible pain I felt just under my breast bone for months. While they were able to diagnose the hiatal hernia
by eliminating all other potential causes through sonograms, blood tests etc., they had no solution. The only option they offered was a very risky surgery that has a low success rate. Thank God Dr. Sirota knew how to treat my condition with a chiropractic manipulation. After a couple of visits, the terrible pain that plague me simple stopped. In addition, Dr.Sirota is an important part of my health maintenance team. He keeps my spine aligned so that I don’t have back pain and my spine is in good condition. I highly recommend Dr. Sirota both to relieve pain and also to maintain your health.


Awesome! Took my No fault auto accident insurance when no one else would.Unbelievable result in 3 visits. I got into a crash and hurt my neck. Herniated discsand numbness down into my arms, it was awful. Dr. Sirota he Fixed my neck when ispent last two years with various doctors and physical therapists. Dr. Jon is exceptional; and incredibly knowledgable. This guy is the real deal. No one better in my opinion, and I’ve been to many Chiropractors. Doctor Jon has many many years of experience. He knew when to adjust my spine, and also knew when not to adjust it
and use massage and traction that he does himself. he puts his heart into ever visit and you will feel the difference right away. He talks to you a lot. He explains everything before he does it and makes me feel like i am a friend, not a patient. If you had a car accident and if you are in pain and have tried many physical therapists and
M.D’s; neurologists that my own lawyer sent me to but didnt work at all, then you want to call and see this guy.

June Grossman

My husband & I have been using Sirota Chiropractic for at least 5 years now. We ALWAYS feel that we are in good hands when we go there for an adjustment. In fact, since we began seeing Dr. Jon, we moved about an hour away, & still wouldn’t even think about using anyone else. We will gladly travel to see him! Dr. Jon really cares
about his patients. I, personally, always feel that Dr. Jon makes sure I get the treatment I need for that appointment. It’s not always the same treatment &sometimes I need a little more therapy before the adjustment. I never feel like, while I’m there, he’s “on the clock”, trying to get done quickly because he has another
patient behind me. He REALLY cares & it’s obvious he LOVES his work. I highly recommend Sirota Chiropractic for anyone looking for a great, result-oriented chiropractor!

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