Cracking your knuckles is…..GOOD! (GOT YA!)

Crack me up doc!

Are cracking your knuckles good or bad?

Is it the same as getting your spine adjusted?

Will it cause Arthritis? Quick answer…

NO! Watch this clip and see why…


The common knuckle cracking of the hand is very similar to getting your spine adjusted. In fact it’s exactly the same…. AND its healthy!

One gentleman cracked his knuckles on ONE HAND ONLY for 30 years straight just to see if it caused any difference between his hands namely arthritis…

And the answer is…. NO! No change whatsoever….

But wait! There’s more….

How about the Mayo Clinic’s opinion on this?  It’s another No Brainer…. Listen to Dr. Kakar in the short video below for more on knuckle cracking.

Tribonucleation is what is responsible for the



But WHAT makes that noise?


More fun clips on Knuckle cracking explanations. Identical to…Spinal Chiropractic Adjustments…


Bubbles forming inside the joints synovial fluid pop to create that sound we all (or mostly all) LOVE! And it feels GREAT! Doesn’t it?

Well, that process is exactly what happens when your spine is adjusted by a Chiropractor. Studies show that the cartilage also develops and becomes thicker, which is a great benefit to the joint. The increase in fluid flow and cleansing of the joint during the “cracking process”, is what contributes to fresh nutrients coming and waste material containing free radicals and other harmful toxins to leave the joints. But just don’t do it incessantly, as it could become unhealthy in excess. A few times a day is sufficient and reasonable if it feels good to you. As such, a Chiropractic adjustment of your spine and joints is even better!

With a better functioning spine and cartilage you will protect your discs and the delicate nerves that come out from between your vertebrae and supply all of the organs, tissues, cells and functions of your body. This process maximizes your health potential in numerous ways. One is basic mechanical improvements to the way you move, bend, lift, carry, twist.

Chiropractic spinal manipulation a.k.a. Adjustment, is to remove any spinal interference so your nervous system works flawlessly. Everything runs by your nervous system.   

  • Immune system
  • Endocrine system
  • Reproductive system
  • Everything!

Both the joints of the hands and fingers as well as the joints of the spine contain synovial fluid. Synovial fluid is a lubricator as well as a medium to carry nourishment to the joint proper and a conduit for which metabolites leave the joint in the way of a cleanse. Given this fact, millions of people crack their knuckles every day, but is it healthy?

You will be very surprised…folks who crack their knuckles have the same function, grip strength and range of motion as folks who don’t. Watch this 30 second video from the Mayo Clinic and Dr. Kakar !

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