Shoulder Pain: The Sacrifices Stability For Mobility

Overusing your shoulder can lead to serious pain. Shoulder injuries are a very common problem. Whether you hurt your shoulder playing sports or you have injured it in some other manner, you should never ignore the pain. Just like any other pain, the sooner you seek treatment for it, the sooner you can find true relief.

Treating the problem first-hand

Whether you know what has caused your shoulder pain or not, it is important that you seek professional help as to ensure your treatment fixes the true problem at hand. At Sirota Chiropractic, I take my time to fully assess your shoulder injury, diagnosing the root cause of your problem and creating a treatment plan that will effectively reduce your pain.

Unlike many other facilities, my goal is to not just mask your problem with pain medications, but rather provide you with results that last. It is important that I am able to determine where your
pain is coming from to find the best method of treatment, ensuring the most beneficial outcome. No matter how severe your pain may seem, it is my goal to work with you on an individual basis,
getting to know your condition and your specific shoulder problem. Whatever the problem may be, I am confident in my ability to provide you the means to a pain-free life. You may require another professional to join in on our treatment or possibly require a professional referral out to an Orthopedic surgeon at times. Only a full examination and consultation will be able to determine the full extent of your injury and best recommendations.

So, do NOT put off getting the treatment that you need. Let Sirota Chiropractic take care of you the right way; contact me by phone or simply text me for immediate help with your shoulder care.