Awesome! Took my No fault auto accident insurance when no one else would.Unbelievable result in 3 visits. I got into a crash and hurt my neck. Herniated discsand numbness down into my arms, it was awful. Dr. Sirota he Fixed my neck when ispent last two years with various doctors and physical therapists. Dr. Jon is exceptional; and incredibly knowledgable. This guy is the real deal. No one better in my opinion, and I’ve been to many Chiropractors. Doctor Jon has many many years of experience. He knew when to adjust my spine, and also knew when not to adjust it
and use massage and traction that he does himself. he puts his heart into ever visit and you will feel the difference right away. He talks to you a lot. He explains everything before he does it and makes me feel like i am a friend, not a patient. If you had a car accident and if you are in pain and have tried many physical therapists and
M.D’s; neurologists that my own lawyer sent me to but didnt work at all, then you want to call and see this guy.