Donna Dietz

Dr. Jon Sirota is a very talented doctor. He cured my hiatal hernia. It is very difficult to get relief from a hiatal hernia because very few doctors know how to treat it. Prior to being treated by Dr. Sirota, I went to several top MDs for the terrible pain I felt just under my breast bone for months. While they were able to diagnose the hiatal hernia
by eliminating all other potential causes through sonograms, blood tests etc., they had no solution. The only option they offered was a very risky surgery that has a low success rate. Thank God Dr. Sirota knew how to treat my condition with a chiropractic manipulation. After a couple of visits, the terrible pain that plague me simple stopped. In addition, Dr.Sirota is an important part of my health maintenance team. He keeps my spine aligned so that I don’t have back pain and my spine is in good condition. I highly recommend Dr. Sirota both to relieve pain and also to maintain your health.