What I’ve learned after 30 years in practice about your back pain…

The fee are the root of the problem. Why have so many patients come to me after they’ve had failed results from other Chiropractors? How about Orthopedic MD’s and Neurologists?

It’s NOT that they’re not well intended or educated and experienced doctors. The reason is simple. You find what you look for, and you recognize what you know. I KNOW what to look for in musculoskeletal pain syndromes. Especially, when they’re chronic pain syndromes

that have been plaguing my patients for many years. Some as long as 20!

In this video, you will see some of the products that Footleveler’s offer, and all of them are custom manufactured in Roanoke VA. USA.

In my White Plains location, come and get a free 3D Foot analysis. From there we will begin the path to success in riding you of all of the pain. Why?

Because we found and corrected the underlying problem, Flat feet; insufficient arch height; and a greater than 1% difference in arch height from Right foot to Left foot.

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