Workers Compensation and Chiropractic Care: What you need to know

Today we’re talking about auto and workers compensation injuries. Auto injuries are otherwise known as No-Fault injuries or cases. Workers Compensation injuries are otherwise known as Comp. injuries. For the past 29 years, I’ve been seeing lots of people that have been injured on the job or in automobile accidents. Folks if you know anybody that is injured while working, please have them give me a ring. If you know of anyone who is injured in an auto accident, please let them know that I am an expert in No fault injuries and I accept No-Fault as full payment for my professional services. I have a lot of experience in dealing with the insurance companies as it relates to workers compensation injuries, and no-fault cases or injuries. I work with workers compensation attorneys and no-fault attorney that will protect you or someone you know and their rights to get all of their entitlements.

The definition of a worker’s compensation case is very simple, someone who’s hurt while working. This could be a driver of a motor vehicle who drives for a living. Or it could be someone that sits down at a desk and has the chair slipped away from under them as they try to sit down. They end up on the floor with a severe low back injury; disc injury or herniation of a lumbar disc in their low back. Many times a person who is injured in a motor vehicle accident gets whiplash. They injure their neck and that causes low back pain. Although there is nothing wrong with their lower back at all, they tell me there low back is “killing them”. That is a great referral where I can help them tremendously get out of pain.

With workers compensation cases: Occasionally someone is repeatedly injured over the course of a time period and there is no definite “day of the incident” linked to a specific day of injury. In this case, we use the last day worked for that patient as their day of injury. The workers’ compensation court of N.Y. understands this to be used in a chronic or repeated injury scenario.

Here is a great example of that: A patient comes in and says to me the following…
“Guess what I am the administrator for the C. E. O. of a very big fortune five hundred company and I typed all day long on the keyboard and this is been going on for some time and I just can’t take it any longer” in those cases we use the last day worked as the date of injury and we filed for workers compensation benefits which will entitle you to full medical coverage.
To treat the conditions associated with that injury.

If you or someone you know that is involved in a worker’s compensation case and/or an automobile accident also known as a “No fault” accident or injury, please pass my name to them because I will definitely be able to help them with my extensive expertise and over 30 years of experience.

Attorneys whom don’t call you back. Wow! is that a problem in this industry!

Many times, the anxiety associated with not knowing where your case stands are far worse than the anxiety of dealing with pain.

That’s a problem.
And it is a very chronic problem.
We find the vast amount of attorneys don’t call the patients back on time some don’t call them back at all.

Our office works with experienced seasoned attorney’s who know their business and will have ample staff to support your case. So when you call them for an answer as to what your case

status is?… They’ll call you back or we won’t be using them again.

Bottom line here: If you or someone you know or care about is hurt in any accident car or work alike, have them call me as soon as possible. There is a time for which they and we, must file important papers to protect their medical benefits. Typically it’s for ONE month. If you don’t file an application for medical treatment under N.Y.S. No-Fault law, within 30 days of the date of the incident/accident, you’re out of luck. The devil is in the details. And we know the details!

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