Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician 1990

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Since 1990, Dr. Jonathan A. Sirota has been a Certified independent Chiropractic Sports Physician.

His style and approach is different than every other Chiropractor you may have tried.

Over the years, Dr. Sirota has contributed to improving Chiropractic techniques and sharing his knowledge with his peers. Additionally, he’s developed his own specific techniques now used widely in the field today. His patients often describe him as a “passionate, caring, highly experienced, professionally gifted and charismatic empathetic healer.

Most have felt this way from day one. Just one visit with Dr. Sirota and you will immediately understand why. Dr. Sirota is different- in every aspect. First, he spends over an hour with you one-on-one until he diagnoses your problem at its root cause. Then, implements a plan together along with you to carry out the fix. Once fixed, the goal is then to maintain and live life to the fullest, enjoying the simple things-again. In as little as a single office visit, most patients are amazed at how much improvement they’ve received. Dr. Sirota s a true leader in his field. He is incredibly passionate about Chiropractic care and regularly attends continuing education. Bottom line? Results are usually immediate and are what makes Dr. Sirota most excited for you. No two patients are alike. As such, no treatment is the same.

Dr. Sirota looks forward to meeting you. He realizes that most MD’s refer to Physical Therapy over and over again, despite little to zero results for your Chiropractic problem. Put an end to the madness. Call Dr. Sirota today.
You will be thrilled you did.

2 locations: Westchester County – White Plains NY at 600 N. Broadway & Fairfield County – Stamford CT at 82 Archer Lane, Stamford CT. Call/Text Dr. Sirota directly at 917-763-4141 anytime.

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