“Don’t just stretch me, ChiroStretch (TM) me!”…


Founded by Dr. Jonathan A. Sirota Est. 2020


Flexibility! … doesn’t happen by accident.


the quality of bending easily without breaking.


What is ChiroStretch?   ChiroStretch ™

A new & unique stretching method (protocol) which ideally does, but does not always have to, use Chiropractic traditional Spinal Adjusting in addition to the stretching protocol to…

maximize a patients full range of motion and optimize their neurological flow and physiological balance for the absolute highest and best health obtainable by any other means anywhere.


ChiroStretch (TM) is not limited to stretching and it is up to the individual doctor to decide what is best for their patients on any given session.

ChiroStretch was founded and it’s unique protocol of Stretching & Spinal Adjusting by Dr. Jonathan Sirota, a veteran and highly gifted Chiropractic Sports Physician, with over 31 years of expertise since 1990.

Each individual Stretch is designed to work with the associated underlying joint system to maximize both the muscles and the joints to work in sync with one another and bring the fullest range of motion back to the individual after many years of Chronic pain and dysfunction.

The premise of combining Stretching along with Chiropractic adjusting (If that is what the patient wants), is to make sure that all of the nerves that are leading to the affected and presumably tight muscle are fully unencumbered and are carrying the full thrust of the brain’s intentions both ways to and from the nerve and brain. Once proper nerve flow is established via a Chiropractic spinal adjustment, it is only then that the muscle associated with this nerve and motor unit can be fully flexible and relaxed. Of course, a stretch alone will help very much, but not nearly as much as when the joints and nerves are also fully functional with respect to any given area: Neck, Lower-back, Extremities, Ankles, etc….

Bottom line: By combining a unique stretching method at the same time as a unique individualized Chiropractic adjustment collectively known as the ChiroStretch protocol, you can be rest assured you are getting the absolute best out of your own body. Period.

Dr. Jonathan A. Sirota

What are some of the tools deployed during a typical ChiroStretch session?     Why are we different?      What makes the ChiroStretch protocol the absolute best?  Read on….


The 3-Tools of the ChiroStretch Protocol


P.N.F. Technique of stretching

Using the ChiroStretch protocol specifically. whenever possible to maximize the muscles flexibility without discomfort to the patient. Using an additional  technique known as PNF or Proprioceptive Neurological Facilitation (PNF), Dr. Sirota is able to “trick” the body into relaxing while your stretching session is going on. Using isometric exercise followed by a latency period and immediately followed by an advancement in the stretch is a proven method to get a muscle to relax and restore its highest level of relaxation and normal length possible. But wait! There’s more….. 🙂  What happens when the muscle is being hampered and contracting because of a spinal nerve being pinched ?  I’ll tell you what happens… The muscle will ONLY be able to stretch and relax to a certain level or degree but NOT completely relaxed and not completely at its full length unless one thing happens in addition. What is that one thing you wonder? It is a Chiropractic spinal adjustment! When a joint is adjusted by a Chiropractor, the joint sends reciprocal inhibitory signals back to that muscle telling it to RELAX. It is in essence a reboot of the muscles neurological input similar to when you reboot your computer and everything comes up so beautifully again. Not much different than that. So, ChiroStretch was developed by Dr. Sirota to unleash the full ability of your body to restore itself naturally and easily using every tool we have at our disposal and physiological understanding of how our joint and muscle and neurological system all ties into one another. Yes, it is ALL connected. Stretch and Spray Technique a.k.a. CRYOTHERAPY!


ChiroStretch doctors like Dr. Sirota will use a technique well known as Cryotherapy aka Cold Therapy……..”Stretch and Spray”.

Stretch and Spray technique is a method under the heading “Cryotherapy” or cold therapy. It is simply fantastic in reducing pain and increasing your range of motion in your affected joints WITHOUT discomfort. Several sessions of this are recommended, as the results are cumulative. Dr. Sirota is expert and has over 30 years experience in using this technique of stretching.  This technique uses a fine pinpoint stream of ice cold spray to “comb” the muscle during the stretches.  Dr. Sirota will literally be spraying the ice refrigerant onto your skin (evaporates) while he stretches your tight muscles. It is fantastic!

The point of this is to “trick” the body into feeling only cold instead of discomfort during the later parts of the stretch. It is a wonderful technique and Dr. Sirota is simply expert in performing this on all types of folks.  More about Cryotherapy and the “Stretch and Spray” Option…

Do you suffer from Chronic Neck and Back pain? Stretch & Spray technique is highly recommended!

CRYOTHERAPY also known as cold therapy is an Add on option….. “STRETCH AND SPRAY” for patients with Chronic or Acute Neck and Back pain or seriously tight muscles!  Cryotherapy is an Optional addition to all stretching programs:  For people with chronic neck and back pain…

Cryotherapy or “cold therapy” performed on you while the stretch is done. This sports spray and stretch technique is unique to professional trainers; and doctors in sports medicine like Dr. Sirota. The point of using an ice cold stimulus while stretching is done is to trick the nervous system into “feeling” any pain during the stretch. While most stretching done by a professional should not hurt, as we get towards the limits of your abilities it is common to feel some discomfort as we work through your tension. It is for this reason that Stretch and Spray option would be ideal. To block any pain signals from reaching the brain. This way, we are able to achieve a MUCH higher level or stretch and increased range of motion that we could not otherwise obtain without due to a painful joint or neck or back issue. You can discuss this with Dr. Sirota if you’re not sure you want or need it. We can always add it on as necessary in the office.

Self-stretching tool we use in our office is revolutionary!

See for yourself…

Acu-stretch self stretch table used in our office



THE Spinal Adjustment:  Chirostretch doctors like Dr. Sirota recommend a full spinal adjustment.

  What do Chiropractors do anyway?

We work on your spine


3 Reasons…

Protection- Messenging- Mobility/Posture…

1) Protection

  • God or Nature, wrapped up your most important life sustaining system, organ system in bone to protect it from injury. That which sustains all life!,  But it wasn’t flexible as one column of bone so it was divided it up into 24 moveable parts now called Vertebrae. Your Spinal column is a link of those 24 vertebrae in a row.


  • Messaging & Communication to/from the Brain: Two way communication is important in marriage right? Well, also in your body. If your spine is stuck in any one of those 24 moveable vertebrae, well then folks your communication system just suffered a breakdown. The ability of your body to function at optimal levels is now hampered until those vertebrae become Un-stuck, or moveable once again. This does not happen by accident, or itself. A Chiropractor is trained to restore the movement back into the stuck vertebrae for the sole purpose of making sure that 100% communication TO and FROM your brain to the rest of your body is intact and fully functioning at all times. Once this is achieved, you won’t get sick, you will have full access to every system in your body without any interruptions. In other words, you will feel absolutely amazing because your body is functioning absolutely amazing. Simple as that. Feeling exhausted all the time; irritable; just not yourself? Get into my office and have me check your neck. That is where it usually begins. At the base of your skull where it meets your neck at the very top of the spine.  Of course, we adjust all of the vertebrae in your spine if they need it. If not, they’re left alone because they’re presumably moving and therefore no need for an adjustment. Get it?

Here’s another very simple way to understand why Chiropractors do what we do…

Think of your Brain as Verizon Wireless for a moment. Now think of your body from the neck down as your cell phone. You want 5 Bars don’t you to reach EVERY part of your body don’t you?  That’s what Chiropractors do.



  • Each one of the 24 interlocking Vertebrae are movable in 6 different ranges of motion. So FREE MOVEMENT is the 3rd. reason we have a Spine and Chiropractors’ adjust spines. Making sure that you are freely moveable in all ranges ensures that you are flexible and that you are not imposing on that communications system I just spoke about. The Verizon Wireless/ Cell Phone system. (See above).


Mobility is the least important reason why Chiropractors do what we do, yet it’s  the number one reason why people come into our offices for help.


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