“Don’t just stretch me, ChiroStretch me!”…


Founded by Dr. Jonathan A. Sirota Est. 2020

Flexibility! … doesn’t happen by accident.

the quality of bending easily without breaking.

Dr. Sirota uses a technique well known as “Stretch and Spray”.


A fine pinpoint stream of ice cold spray is used to “comb” the muscle during the stretches.


The point of this is to “trick” the body into feeling only cold instead of discomfort during the later parts of the stretch. It is a wonderful technique and Dr. Sirota is simply expert in performing this on all types of folks.

More about Cryotherapy and the “Stretch and Spray” Option


Do you suffer from Chronic Neck and Back pain? Stretch & Spray technique is highly recommended!

CRYOTHERAPY also known as cold therapy is an Add on option….. “STRETCH AND SPRAY”


for patients with Chronic or Acute Neck and Back pain or seriously tight muscles!


Optional addition to all stretching programs: For people with chronic neck and back pain…


Cryotherapy or “cold therapy” performed on you while the stretch is done. This sports spray and stretch technique is unique to professional trainers; and doctors in sports medicine like Dr. Sirota. The point of using an ice cold stimulus while stretching is done is to trick the nervous system into “feeling” any pain during the stretch. While most stretching done by a professional should not hurt, as we get towards the limits of your abilities it is common to feel some discomfort as we work through your tension. It is for this reason that Stretch and Spray option would be ideal. To block any pain signals from reaching the brain. This way, we are able to achieve a MUCH higher level or stretch and increased range of motion that we could not otherwise obtain without due to a painful joint or neck or back issue. You can discuss this with Dr. Sirota if you’re not sure you want or need it. We can always add it on as necessary in the office.


This technique is NOT recommended for someone who just wants a general body stretch to feel amazing.


Stretch and Spray technique is a method under the heading “Cryotherapy” or cold therapy. It is simply fantastic in reducing pain and increasing your range of motion in your affected joints WITHOUT discomfort. Several sessions of this are recommended, as the results are cumulative. Dr. Sirota is expert and has over 30 years experience in using this technique of stretching.