When you meet someone who truly does LOVE what they do, it shows and you can’t be fooled. It’s instinctual as a person who loves their craft has an aura around them that is simply natural and evident to those who see the truth…. Meet Dr. Jonathan A. Sirota, a truly gifted Chiropractic Physician.

Say hello to Dr. Sirota on day 1,  and begin the process of truly pain free life…

I understand your pain. It’s very personal. While no one is the same,  your treatment will be different too. I treat every patient as a new friend with a problem that I have to fix for them. I thoroughly LOVE the puzzle of finding out the underlying cause of your pain and fixing it, rather than just offer a cover up like so many other doctors, therapists, and entities. Everyone is treated with respect, as a friend in either of my two Chiropractic offices. I personally guarantee you will thank the person who referred you to me many times over.

You may have been to numerous doctors and therapists and likely still have the problem and of course, the pain that goes with it.

When you present on each visit, you’re like a Rubic’s Cube puzzle to me! When you arrive, I won’t know where we are in the “process” of the puzzle to omit your problems until I examine you. From there, i recommend a few visits to move you from where you are to where you need to be. My proprietary process of adjusting spines begins from the top down, literally at your head and neck. From there I address the remaining parts of your spine ultimately leaving you in a neutral “zero-out” position at the end of your spine adjustment. This means your in a perfect and normal position from head to toe. Now it’s the job of both of us to keep you there. Come and find out how It feels to FEEL amazing again!

This is your warm welcome and wake up call to finally come and meet with me. You will receive a comprehensive consultation and evaluation.  If I can help you, i will tell you. If I can’t help you, I will tell you that too. Receive just one treatment by me, and you will quickly know you finally found the right doctor. Together we work on your problem and you will soon be feeling truly amazing. Finally, rid yourself of the problem, and the pain goes with it. I am Dr. Jonathan A. Sirota. I am a gifted and highly experienced Chiropractor. I’m about fixing things for people. Not just doing patchwork and offering temporary relief.

I thoroughly enjoy Being “ The Doctor ” who cures you. You will thank the person who gave you my name over and over again. and THAT is what drives me.

-Dr. Jonathan A. Sirota DC, CCSP, PC

Neck Pain


When your neck hurts, everything hurts! Chiropractic care at Jonathan Sirota Chiropractic may be your solution to relieve you of all your neck problems.


Shoulder Pain


The shoulder joint is a complicated joint which sacrifices stability for mobility. Dr. Sirota is highly experienced in the care/prevention of shoulder injury and disease.


Lower Back Pain


80% of folks suffer from an episode of back pain at one point in their lives. Let Dr. Sirota evaluate, diagnose, treat and fix your painful lower back problems.


Foot & Ankle Pain


When it comes to your feet and ankles, you need a chiropractor who understands its effects on your whole body. Come in and you will agree that you found the right man.


Knee Pain


Knee pain can come from hip problems, a more ominous problem, or a simple bump on the knee. Know that Dr. Sirota’s experience is second to none. You need a chiropractor you can trust.


Wrist Pain


When your wrist hurts, there is little you can do without constant pain that’s getting in your way. Your life can be pain-free, though, with the right diagnosis and treatment, its “game over” for wrist pain.

Sports Injuries


Is it your son or daughter? Or have you been hurt on the field? You all love being active. An injury doesn’t mean your lifestyle has to change for the long haul. Let Dr. Sirota help your family get back on their feet.


Everyone feels better after a great stretch! No one is more uniquely qualified to perform this than Dr. Sirota.

Orthotic Inserts


When your feet hurt, nothing else matters because you’re not going anywhere! Don’t let your foot pain get in the way of what you love doing the most. With Dr. Sirota, your foot pain will be history.

Hiatal Hernia is very disruptive.
Breathing issues ass’d with Hiatal Hernia are horrible. We can help


Hiatal Hernia Issues surrounding pain in the upper gastric area and Hiatal Hernia. We address the root cause and can help in most cases. Breathing issues, pain, burping, G.E.R.D. we can help. Call now.