You never want to ignore the pain you feel. With Jonathan Sirota Chiropractic, Dr. Sirota will help you not only get the relief you desperately want and need but also fix the problem at its root. Your successful outcome in my office is my main concern, and I believe in working with you no matter how challenging your injury may seem. I routinely see patients from other Chiropractors and MD’s from all over the Tri-State area and for all types of neck and back pain issues. I treat sports injuries of all types, and treating your accident-related injury brings me joy, providing you with the hope of a brighter, better, and more comfortable future.

If you are hurt, I can help you. Your pain, no matter its source, can be relieved with Dr. Sirota at Jonathan Sirota Chiropractic. Visit Dr. Sirota in White Plains, N.Y. or his Stamford CT. location. Early and very late hours makes getting the appointment time you need easy. Call or text right now. You’ll be so glad you did.


Whether its an old problem or new one, I thoroughly enjoy the puzzle in figuring out the REAL problem of your pain and discomforts. My communication skills are exemplary and you will soon be understanding and feeling part of the solution to your very own problem. With my guidance and many years of experience, I promise to have you feeling well in a matter of days, not weeks. When the problem is uncovered finally, the symptoms go away fast. I use all of the state of the art dr-3techniques and equipment in both my WHITE PLAINS office as well as my STAMFORD Chiropractor office. I have late office hours often until 10 pm, and early morning hours as needed schedule in advance via text message or phone call. Don’t let your MD send you for Physical Therapy one more time when the last several times failed to help. Come to see me, and you will be so thrilled you did, you will thank the person who referred you to me many times over.


If you have had an Auto Accident you are playing “Beat the clock right now” You only have 30 days to request medical attention… My office is expert in the handling of every aspect of auto injuries including the protection of your legal entitlements with one of our highly experienced attorneys to refer you to. Call or text me to file an application for you on your behalf.dr-2

No one expects to get into an auto accident, but when it happens, the most important thing is that you are okay. After insurance claims have been made, and cars have been fixed, many people expect to go about life as usual. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many times, you may have pain in your neck and back from your accident, even if it was something small like a fender bender. Even if a car accident isn’t what caused your injury, you need a reliable chiropractor you can count on to prevent long-lasting pain; your chiropractic treatment should always come first.

Since 1990, Jonathan Sirota Chiropractic has been providing patients with a variety of chiropractic treatments to lessen pain, correct injury, and enhance the quality of life. No one should have to suffer from pain, especially when it comes to their spine, neck, and back. Whether you realize it or not, we all rely on our chiropractic health on a daily basis. If yours is affected in any way, it is hard to focus, move, and enjoy the simple things. My goal is to offer you services that not only reduce your pain but help to make it a thing of the past.