Auto Accident Injury Therapy Chiropractor White Plains NY

Most neck problems have two components  A muscular and a joint. Only fixing one is not enough. Chiropractors like Dr. Sirota have many years of experience in fixing the real underlying issue that causes neck pain. By comparison, Physical Therapists do not usually provide joint manipulation as Chiropractors do. Moreover, a Physical therapist who does do joint manipulation does not provide it for the same reasons that Chiropractors do. Chiropractors recognize the deep plethora of neurological connections to and from the brain and everything in between.

Some common causes of neck problems:

  • Arthritis: A degenerative bone/tissue disease affecting the physical capabilities of joints and all connective tissue in our bodies.
  • Flu’s and Covid-19 can cause neck problems as well.
  • Clenching at night
  • Emotional imbalances.
  • Ergonomics at home and at work

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