Your a desk worker. You deadlift at the gym. You do bent over rows at the gym. You do none of those, but sitting too long and walking up and or down stairs causes a lot of back pain……. want more?

its your HIP FLEXOR!

You have low back pain. You also sit a lot. You sit at work, and your low back pain started in the center of your low back and now radiates to the right and/or left sides of your lower back. It’s hard to define exactly where the pain started because it has been going on for a while. Getting up from a seated position hurts, as does going up and/or down stairs. Your tired of taking Advil and other OTC medicines, and are really frustrated. Welcome to the Hip Flexor Syndrome!

Don’t get too comfortable with it though. If you have interest in learning the how’s and why’s, your halfway there to ridding yourself of this very common low back culprit.

Let’s take a look at the hip flexors….

Psoas Major muscle. The MAJOR cause of low back pain for people who sit for a living. Wanna get rid of it? Call me. But first, learn more about this problem right here….

The Psoas Major muscle originates from the lumbar spine and inserts into the hip. When the muscle contracts, it pulls your thigh up towards your chest. Knee to chest motion. If the muscle is too tight, or too weak, you will definitely have low back pain. It won’t go away at all permanently unless you deal with it. Ibuprofen for low back pain helps with the inflammation, but it’s a short term coverup, so no good will come of that behavior long term.

Massage will help…temporarily. Here’s why. Massage will relax the muscle if its tight. This is great BUT, when a muscle was tightened for a while it causes the joints associated with THAT muscle to become adversely affected. Bottom line is the joint won’t work well. This causes the muscle to tighten up again. That’s why after a great medical massage you feel great, but it the pain returns. Unless you have a Chiropractor re-establish normal joint motion via a spine adjustment, AND massage the muscle, AND deal with any incipient weakness / tightness in the muscle (in this case the Psoas (Sow-Azz) muscle, it will all come back or at least in varying degrees of pain.

Lets take a look at where this muscle causes pain. The referral areas of pain due to a tight hip flexor (or weakness)…


You will have pain here in the RED areas, IF your Psoas (Hip flexor) muscle is tight, or too weak.

So, what do we do about this? Easy. We stretch it in the office, and teach you how to stay on top of it at home. Simple.

Here is a simple Psoas stretch that is common and highly effective. Remember though, it this has been going on for some time, your low back joints (Lumbar spine vertebrae) will also become dysfunctional due to abnormal adaptation responses to the muscle being too tight in the first place. None the less, here is what we do for it….

Psoas hip flexor stretch
Another simple Psoas stretch image, for your Hip Flexor
Typical Chiropractic adjustment for a lumbar spine that has joint dysfunction.



Bottom line folks! Call me…or make an appointment online right here