You are a desk worker. You deadlift at the gym. You do squats, run, walk, hike and stretch. Yet, you still have low back pain, especially “when getting up from a seated position.”


You do none of those :), but you still suffer.

You tried P.T., and now what? We all know

it’s your HIP FLEXORS! But What’s causing them to remain tight?

Look lower…It’s your flat feet 95% 



Psoas Major muscle. The MAJOR cause of low back pain for people who sit for a living. Do you want to get rid of it? It would help if you learned more about how it’s wreaking havoc on your life and how your flat or overpronating feet contribute to it. Call me.


Let’s take a look at where this muscle causes pain. The referral areas of pain due to a tight hip flexor (or weakness)…



Here is a simple Psoas stretch that is common and highly effective. Remember, though, if this has been going on for some time, your low back joints (Lumbar spine vertebrae) will also become dysfunctional due to abnormal adaptation responses to the muscle being too tight in the first place. Nonetheless, here is what we do for it…

Psoas hip flexor stretch



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