A foot scan takes about 90 seconds on the patented Foot Levelers 3-D posture/body foot scan system. I routinely do a foot scan on everyone who walks in. Why? The actual cause or major contributing factor to your back issue lies in your feet.

More often than not, your upper body aches and pains are in fact coming from an insufficient foot surface. We have common names for this. flat-footed, overpronator; supinator; high arch person; low arch person; knock-kneed. These abnormal foot conditions contribute abnormal neurological signals to your brain every time you stand up. The brain thinks you are standing completely balanced 50/50 right and left foot. In reality, you are not. More likely you’re standing leaning to one side or the other, and you probably feel it too. We can find and fix that problem here in our office. 


Pain in your feet is one of the most debilitating problems, impacting your quality of life and making it hard to enjoy daily activities. You do not have to suffer though when you come into Dr. Sirota’s White Plains or Stamford Chiropractic office; his goal is to analyze the severity of your condition and provide you with a solution to help get you finally get rid of the problem. Not just providing a temporary solution like most other practitioners.

Although it can be frustrating not to know what to do about your foot pain, Dr. Sirota will give you the information you need, knowing you can find relief and true comfort again. Whether you come in to see him because of a bunion or have nerve pain in your feet, Dr. Sirota believes in working with you on finding the cure.

 Many women post-delivery suffer from flattened arches in their feet. This is because of the hormone relaxin. Relaxin relaxes not only the intrapelvic muscles and ligaments to enable a healthy delivery, but it also relaxes “everything,” This means that the nine months of walking around with a baby on board, adds to the superincumbent body weight pressing down on the arches (3-of them), causing the central or “Medial” longitudinal arch to collapse. There are three arches to your feet, not only one. Did you know that?

Any lowering of the arches will usually over time cause plantar fascitis. The foot pain hurts just as much as trying to say the disease. (“Plant-are-fash-eye-tis”.)


With Foot Levelers Custom inserts, you can easily add support to just about any shoe, giving you more than temporary relief. By establishing proper balance and cushioning your step, your Foot Levelers Custom inserts may be all it takes to eliminate your pain completely. Some feel relief in minutes while others can take a few months depending on the severity and location of your insufficiency in your spine and/or hips. Especially your hips.

Customized to your specific foot shape and size, you can trust that your insert will be explicitly designed for you and your comfort with our custom Foot Scanner by Foot Levelers, Inc. Although your pain may not have appeared overnight, quick relief is only minutes away once you insert these Foot Levelers Custom inserts into your sneakers and/or shoes/boots right away. You’ll feel the difference in seconds and realize quickly that you have been waiting too long for this.


  • Repetitive Ankle Sprains/Strains
  • Flat Feet and/or with knock knees and/or bowlegged.
  • Plantar Fasciitis with or w/o Heel Spur history.
  • Bunions
  • Heel Pain and/or Achilles tendonitis
  • Failed Heel Spur Surgery
  • Nerve Pain In Feet (nondiabetic type)

When it comes to finding a professional who can help you find the perfect orthopedic shoes or orthotic shoe inserts, look no further than Jonathan Sirota Chiropractic! I am here to help you with Custom Footer Levelers.