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Breathing issues ass’d with Hiatal Hernia are horrible. We can help

A condition in which part of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm muscle. In hiatal hernia, part of the stomach pushes into the chest cavity. It enters via an opening where the food tube (esophagus) passes on its way to the stomach. Hiatal hernias can have no symptoms. In some cases, they may be associated with heartburn and abdominal discomfort. Hiatal hernias may not require any treatment. Some are treated with drugs and a few types need surgical repair.

Dr. Sirota has been using a non surgical hands-on approach (literally) that has been 90% effective in reducing symptoms associated with Hiatal Hernia and acid reflux. Some obviously more than others feel immediate relief, as a wide array of conditions effect the person who has H.H. The in office procedure involves a spine adjustment that focuses on making sure your mid back is freely movable. Why the midback? The answer is this: If your midback remains flexible, your Diaphragm will as well. A flexible Diaphragm will move along with the top of the stomach and may prevent the stomach getting stuck where it shouldn’t be. If the Diaphragm is fixed and immobile, the stomach portion that protrudes up and into the thoracic cavity has a much easier time wedging itself up in there simply because the diaphragm is now fixed, stationary and immobile. Its easier to push up on something when that “something” is in a fixed position. If that “something” moves away from you because of flexibility, than its much harder to wedge yourself up into that “something”. Hope we didn’t lose you here…. The adjustment of the spine is part of the treatment. The other half is when Dr. Sirota literally pulls your stomach DOWN by contacting the top of the Fundus of the stomach that is palpable in most moderate to severe cases. The worse yours is, the better chance we have a helping you. Of course as in any medical procedure, there are never any guarantees. Its worth the chance though, if breathing issues are the main symptom your suffering from. Upper gastric issues and difficulty taking a deep breath?, Call for me info. 😉 Dr. Sirota