What do Chiropractors do anyway? 

We work on your spine!


3 Reasons

Protection- Messenging-Mobility/Posture


  • God or Nature, wrapped up your most important life sustaining system, organ system in bone to protect it from injury. That which sustains all life!,  But it wasn’t flexible as one column of bone so it was divided it up into 24 moveable parts now called Vertebrae. Your Spinal column is a link of those 24 vertebrae in a row. 


  • Messenging and Communication from and to the Brain: Two way communication is important in marriage right? Well, also in your body. If your spine is stuck in any one of those 24 moveable vertebrae, well then folks your communication system just suffered a breakdown. The ability of your body to function at optimal levels is now hampered until those vertebrae become Un-stuck, or moveable once again. This does not happen by accident, or itself. A Chiropractor is trained to restore the movement back into the stuck vertebrae for the sole purpose of making sure that 100% communication TO and FROM your brain to the rest of your body is intact and fully functioning at all times. Once this is achieved, you won’t get sick, you will have full access to every system in your body without any interruptions. In other words, you will feel absolutely amazing because your body is functioning absolutely amazing. Simple as that. Feeling exhausted all the time; irritable; just not yourself? Get into my office and have me check your neck. That is where it usually begins. At the base of your skull where it meets your neck at the very top of the spine.  Of course, we adjust all of the vertebrae in your spine if they need it. If not, they’re left alone because they’re presumably moving and therefore no need for an adjustment. Get it?  

Here’s another very simple way to understand why Chiropractors do what we do…

Think of your Brain as Verizon Wireless for a moment. Now think of your body from the neck down as your cell phone. You want 5 Bars don’t you to reach EVERY part of your body don’t you?  That’s what Chiropractors do.


  • Each one of the 24 interlocking Vertebrae are movable in 6 different ranges of motion. So FREE MOVEMENT is the 3rd. reason we have a Spine and Chiropractors’ adjust spines. Making sure that you are freely moveable in all ranges ensures that you are flexible and that you are not imposing on that communications system I just spoke about. The Verizon Wireless/ Cell Phone system. (See above). 

Mobility is the least important reason why Chiropractors do what we do, yet it’s  the number one reason why people come into our offices for help.